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As a Multimedia Artist

Nima Farzaneh  (born 1981, Iran) is an Iranian designer, originally from Tehran, he has been living and practicing in NY for the last 10 years.  An architect by profession, he is also an artist working in music, photography, visual arts, and literature.  Utilizing the tools of contemporary social media, his recent experimentation with short-form narrative and multimedia comics have ruminated on society, politics, and art, with a unique .

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No-land Bands
Multimedia Ensemble
No-Land Bands is a peace project with the goal of bringing awareness through music to the current crisis in the Middle East and refugee problems around the world. This multimedia ensemble creates a collaborative platform for musicians and visual artists with diverse backgrounds, giving a chance for new expressions of sound to emerge from blended cultures.In this project, music becomes a substitute language to deliver a peaceful message where political action has failed to act. 

No-land Bands is a series of musical events that dissolve geographical and musical boundaries. Each session introduces the music of one region in the Middle East, and a group of five to seven performers from different nationalities and with diverse musical backgrounds will perform. In 2016 and 2017 we dedicated our programs to the crisis in Syria and did a series of event in New York City and neighboring states titled " A journey to Aleppo" .

The musical experience will be accompanied by a visual journey as well. Through this setting, a triangular relationship between audience, musicians, and places is being shaped. The musical and visual experience will literally put the audience in those places, transforming their understanding of a specific geographical location. These short journeys will take away all the abstraction and numbness of what we hear on everyday news, and replace it with a humane and tangible experience.

Aabi, Emruz Festival (Virtual Series) 
Live Multimedia Performance
April 2020
Aabi was a live multi-instrumental performance of one original work and one arrangement on a social media platform (Instagram). The project combined multiple techniques such as recorded video/audio, live video/audio and video collage to push the boundaries of live web-based music performances. 
Window, Reconnect Festival 
Live Multimedia Performance
April 2020
Performers: Jerry Huang, Dylan Rees
"The Window" was a short live movie created during the pandemic. This project  touched on the issue of  "the new normal", and the spatial aspect of social distancing. The goal was to challenge the new way of our presence in the living environment. 
House of Light
Conceptual Architecture Competition
Honoroble mentioned 2009
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