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"Where words fail, music speaks." My father used to quote Hans Christian Andersen. Music is a family gift for me. Trained as a classical piano player, later I started exploring Persian traditional music on Piano. The accordion became my second instrument. Its playful nature entered me into the realm of songs and songwriting. New York City granted me the opportunity to collaborate with musicians from different parts of the world and explore various genres. 

Exposure to the science of sound and acoustics has expanded my musical investigation towards electroacoustic music and sound synthesis. As part of my master's thesis project, I simulate a pipe organ in a virtual space using Wave Field Synthesis and ambisonic techniques. 

Aabi (Blue) - single
Composition. Arrangement & Lyrics
Vocalist: Sima Shahverdi
Sound Mixing: Hamidreza Maleki
Video: Sima Shahverdi
Calligraphy: Mahsa Mortazavi
Koubeh Band - collaboration
Performance, Composition, Arrangement & Lyrics
2018 - 2019
A Brooklyn based band that has its own narration of Iranian melodies from the past and also offers original music to this palette. ; Visit Koubeh's page
Video: "Kook"; composed, arranged and lyrics by Nima Farzaneh; 
Pete's Candy; Brooklyn, Nov. 2019
Getma Gul - music video
An Azari song; Performed in memory of Iran's 2017 plane crash 
Brooklyn, February 2019
Fellaheen Band - collaboration
Brooklyn 2018 - 2019
Led by Bruce Hanson "comparable to the likes of Tom Waits, the Velvet Underground, The Band, and Kurt Weill if we're lucky. More deeply-rooted influences..."
Visit Fellaheen website
Video: "Always on the Way"
Pete's Candy; Brooklyn, April 2019
Maleki Ensemble - collaboration
​Emruz Festival; Brooklyn 2019
Maleki ensemble consists of five Iranian musicians, proficient both in Iranian traditional music and western music. The repertoire is all original composed by Hamidreza Maleki; Santour and Oud virtuous.  
Video: "Arvand"; Live performance 
Brooklyn, April 2019; watch here
Omnitribe Collective - collaboration
Brooklyn 2016 - 2017
The primary focus of Omnitribe is an intent-driven sound creation expressed by means of holding immediate space for harmony and rhythm appearance. Performance is approached as a meeting point for various individual narratives told on stage.
No-Land Bands
Brooklyn 2017 - 2018
No-Land Bands is a multimedia project for raising awareness about immigration and refugee crises all over the world. The project brought together 8 musicians from different backgrounds and genres of music as well as two visual artists and a poet.   See the Multimedia page for further information.
Video: A journey to Aleppo; live performance at Spectrum NYC; January 2017 
Scent of Geranium - collaboration
Composer and Performer 
Short film; NY 2016
Directed by Naghmeh Farzaneh, Scent of Geranium is an award-winning animation that touches on different aspects of immigration. This film is an autobiographical account of the director's experience with immigration.
Mina's Dream.jpg
Mina's Dream - collaboration
Composer and Performer 
Onasis Festival; NY 2016
Mina's Dream was a shadow play directed by Hamid Rahmanian the creator of Feathers of Fire, commissioned by Onasis Cultural Center for their annual Greek Week Festival 
Video and poster courtesy of Fictionville Studio
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