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Visual Art

Years ago, I realized that the tendency to draw on a computer comes from sitting long hours in front of it.  In the architecture industry, sometimes between two projects, one might get some extra time to spend some leisure time on screen. Having all the graphic tools open and a work that has a presentational nature was a good enough motive to start drawing with computer programs. Photoshop, Autocad, Illustrator, and Rhino gave me ample tools to make things that seemed visually compelling to me

on a screen. I was asked to design logos a few times, and sometimes I volunteered myself for doing one. The rest of these series are only visual explorations.


  1. Perfectal Engineering Company; Logo design and branding ​package - 2017
  2. Koubeh Band: NY based Iranian Music Group - 2018
  3. No-land Bands; Multimedia Ensemble; logo and branding - 2017
  4. Noon; Iranian Musician Soundcloud page logo
  5. Land Evaluation Engineering Company; Logo and branding package - 2016
  6. Artist logo for -2020
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