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I started making content with Instagram Story right after this feature was introduced. Being very critical of its intrusiveness and the fact that it enabled users to share any unnecessary, unimportant, and low-quality content because of the casual and temporary nature of it, my approach was to take advantage of the 15-second timeframe given by a “story” and use all graphic, animation, and video tools that my phone offers to create content that has a beginning and an end within this short span of time.

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The idea was to spark one’s curiosity or address a subject matter relevant to the present time in a glance. I touched areas such as poetry, short narratives, politics, art, and urban life,  mostly in a humorous manner. The graphic is imposed by Instagram and limited to the features that this application offers. But combining various tools such as screen recording on iPhone, Videoleap application, sometimes even TikTok graphics and filters. This has been a fun little side project for me. My latest idea is about introducing musicians and artists by creating animated graphics over their album covers or artworks.  

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