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This site is an extract of my years of continuous endeavor, quest, and artistic production in various disciplines. 
My artistic life began in my family with
Music as an integral part of our daily lives. Architecture became my métier. Its multifaceted and complex essence opened a portal beyond its own domain. My interest in Photography stemmed from observing the space, forms, colors, light, and shadow. The interdependency of design and architecture on digital tools allowed me to explore the realm of Visual art.
Writing for me is rooted in intuition, contemplation, and daydreaming - that is how I occasionally picked up the pencil to record these transient thoughts and moments.
My first experience in synthesizing image, sound, and text was in the form of short 
GIF format animated graphics. Through these peripheral and quick experiments, I became interested in producing Multimedia work.

I am currently deeply involved in the field of Sonic Research as I am finalizing my thesis research at the RPI Architectural Acoustics program. 


Music video for sing-along

Latest Project
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