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Nima Farzaneh  (born 1981, Iran) is an Iranian designer, originally from Tehran, he has been living and practicing in NY for the last 10 years.  An architect by profession, he is also an artist working in music, photography, visual arts, and literature.  Utilizing the tools of contemporary social media, his recent experimentation with short-form narrative and multimedia comics have ruminated on society, politics, and art, with a unique approach to multiculturalism and global audience.

Nima studied architecture in his home country Iran and moved to the U.S. after several years of practicing architecture in Tehran. In 2011 he graduated from Pratt Institute with a Master's degree in architecture. After 8 years of working as an architect, he went back to school in 2020 and studied Architectural Acoustics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with the hope of creating a bridge between his design skills and passion for music and sound.

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A Personal Note

Becoming a multimedia artist

After almost twenty years of experimenting and working with different mediums as a means of expression, I concluded that I could probably be defined best as a multimedia artist. I struggled to avoid carrying the weight of the label of "artist" as my social identifier or my profession, but in fact, this is who I am : 

  I connect to my surroundings through visual, musical, and aural vocabularies. This comes from exposure and interest in many different forms of communication.  Being bilingual has opened my eyes and

I enjoy thinking in different languages (English and Farsi). I grew up learning music in the family context, and music became the second form of expression for me from an early age.  In my professional development, studying architecture and working as an architectural designer for almost twelve years has taught me how to bring something to life patiently.  In my experimentation, I found that I needed a means of expression that is tangible and quick. I enjoy creating short-form communication by mixing form, images, motion graphics, audio production, music, film, and connecting them back to our describable world.  For me these combinations take the audience on a “short trip,”  one that is engaging and concise. 

* Home page translation from Farsi : Baharak Roudiani 

** Personal note editor: Diana Criswell

Architecture opened my eyes to the realms of space, visual, and fine arts, but creating things in motion changed the language of that communication. I am now experimenting with all these vocabularies, without being masterfully articulated in any of them.  I make statements in different forms and enjoy including a humorous touch on everything I create. Whether it's a song, a piece of writing, or an audio/video experience.  I can be part of a creative process, while also pulling from my work as an engineer.  Studying Architectural Acoustics at RPI, my recent exposure to the science of sound has made me certain that sound and music should be the core of my future life.  But all of this finds its best expression when paired and combined with multiple mediums.** 

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